What are Content Pillars?

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Hey there! I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to help you NAIL your content pillars. But first, let’s talk a little bit about what Content Pillars are and why they matter.

First, what are Content Pillars?

Basically, Content Pillars are your first step in creating an impactful Content Marketing strategy. In order to have success in content marketing, you need to know what Pillars to focus on. 

Your Content Pillars:

  • Give your social media & all content direction.
  • Provide relevance to your content for your target market.
  • Should be related to the keywords your ideal clients would search for to find your business. (You can figure these our via Google Analytics/Google My Business or one of my favorites UberSuggest)
  • Are unique to your specific business and your target market.
  • Keep your content consistent and focused on the areas your business knows best.

How do I use content pillars in social media?:

Have you ever sat down and thought for hours about what to post on social? Yeah, me too…before content pillars that is. Once you decide on your content pillars, creating social content will be significantly easier. You can set up themes based on your pillars and do research on each individual pillar to batch create content that speaks to your market.

What are the benefits of having Content Pillars:

  • Streamline your content marketing efforts: once you know your Content Pillars you will be able to more efficiently create blog, social and web content & you’ll have more time to get back to running your business! 
  • Improve your SEO: In addition to social posts, be sure to add content through blogs, too! As you write about your pillars, you will be adding content rich in keywords onto your website, social captions and more. 
  • Speak to a local audience: If your audience is local–showcase your local expertise and use it for one of your content pillars!
  • Help you speak to your audience. Your content pillars should be topics:

A. you are an expert in or have expertise in.

B. that are of interest to your audience.

For example: if you were a dentist who focuses on expensive cosmetic dentistry services, Cosmetic Dentistry could be one of your content pillars. But, if you are a dentist focused on getting in as many new patients for cleanings as possible a content pillar may be Affordable Dentistry.

How many Content Pillars do you need?:

Typically it’s recommended that you choose 3-5 Content Pillars.

Does this sound like you?

* You keep posting content… but it isn’t sticking.
* You’re ready to post… but have no idea what to say.
* You have ideas… but they’re all over the place.

Don’t worry. I made this FREE worksheet to help you NAIL your content pillars so you can say goodbye to content confusion & overwhelm!

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