Support Local Small Businesses During the Holidays

How to Support Local Small Businesses During the Holidays

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‘Tis the season of giving and joy making it the perfect opportunity to show support for the backbone of our communities: local small businesses! These companies infuse our neighborhoods with character, charm, and unmatched personalized service year-round, so spread some cheer and explore the many ways you can contribute to their success. In this blog, we’re sharing five impactful ways you can support local small businesses during the holidays. 

Attend Local Events

The first way you can support local small businesses this holiday season is simple: show up! Attend local events like holiday markets, craft fairs, and pop-up shops hosted by local businesses. There are so many unique products to discover, making perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones (and you too!). 

We attended the Girl Gang Craft Holiday Market recently and it was a blast! Check social media and local publications to learn about events you can support in your area. 

Purchase Gift Cards

It’s possible to find yourself at a shop or stand with LOTS of choices and struggle to decide on the perfect gift. If you don’t know what to get, a gift card can be a perfect choice. Your loved ones get the freedom to choose their favorite products or services, and local small businesses still receive your support. Gift cards also offer continued support to businesses beyond the holiday season. 

Leave Reviews

Your positive experiences matter, especially for small businesses! Reviews help businesses establish and build their reputation and grow their customer base. Take a moment to leave glowing reviews for your favorite local businesses. There are a few places you can do so including Google Reviews, Yelp, or on social media. Share your experiences and encourage others to check it out for themselves!

Share, share, share!

The best way to support your local small businesses is to share, share, and keep sharing. Spread the word about local businesses and highlight their unique offerings, special promotions they have happening, and your experiences with them. Help introduce your favorite small business to a wider audience by:

  • Word of mouth! Tell your friends, family, and colleagues when you find something awesome from a local vendor. Personal recommendations can significantly influence purchasing decisions.
  • Sharing the business’ content on social media.
  • Creating your own content around your favorite local businesses.

Encourage Others to Shop Small

Lead by example and encourage others to join you in shopping small this holiday season. Consider holding any group activities for the holiday at local businesses like restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, escape rooms, and more. If you host a gift swap, try making it a small business-only swap. Think creatively – there are so many ways to encourage support. Let’s make this season brighter for everyone, one small business at a time!

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