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Social Media Engagement: Why It Matters

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In a world where the ladder to success is jam-packed with people fiercely chasing their dreams, as business owners and entrepreneurs, it can feel hard to stand out against the competition in your respective niche, right? Your feelings are valid, but there is a not so secret way to make your mark for your business in the digital age. Insert: social media engagement. From Facebook and IG to Twitter and LinkedIn, social media usage is at an all-time high. With billions of users logging in daily, from across the globe, your reach and footprint can be astronomical if you create a rock-solid social media engagement plan. 


What is social media engagement?


Social media engagement is a set of metrics that measure how well each of your posts performs on the respective social platform. Although having a presence in the digital world may feel like enough, it’s not, especially in a time where clicks, likes, and followers are all the rage.


Each post you make should have a purpose


Your purpose should include things such as 

  • storytelling, 
  • brand awareness tactics or 
  • behind-the-scenes business views. 

All posts should include a call to action, setting the viewer in motion to do something. In the simplest form, these metrics measure how engaged your current and potential followers are with each of your posts. From clicks to shares and likes to comments, these analytics break down the numbers for you. The numbers help you choose the directive of your social strategy with each post. 


How do I stand out?


The ultimate goal behind all of our social media strategizing is the standout to current and potential followers. We want to build a loyal network of brand enthusiasts who gush about our brand or services long after they’ve completed their transactions with us. 


One of the truest ways to stand out in your niche is to genuinely be yourself


Share the ins and outs of your business and reasons you believe your products, or services, are above and beyond the rest. The best way to boost conversion is to create content that excites your specific target audience. Background research will give you the biggest insight into industry trends for your prospective client base. Through your brand voice, speak directly to your target audience and share your world with them. Consistency, as with most things, is key to a successful social engagement approach. In order to track reliable data and pick out trends in your metrics, you have to be consistent in your posting timeline, amount, and responsive nature after the post has gone live. 


How often should I review these metrics?


Metrics are one way we keep the finger on the pulse of our social media plan. Although they are one of the most vital aspects of understanding your post-performance, they should not be the only gauge you use to measure your standing in the market. Don’t feel the need to dive headfirst into your metrics daily as it may not give you the best overall perspective. Instead, set time aside each week to review engagement metrics across your social media platforms. Analyzing a weeklong trend is more beneficial than reviewing the metrics of a one-off post. 

A solid social media engagement plan should be incorporated into a dynamic marketing plan. If you are unsure of how to add in a social plan that works for your business or feeling a bit lost on how to improve your trends and metrics, reach out to us. We would love to walk you through the social engagement process as part of your marketing plan so that you can become a leader in your market.


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