Provide More Value on Social Media

3 Ways to Provide More Value on Social Media

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When it comes to marketing for your business, social media is the gold standard these days. Maximizing your return on investment is key to leading a successful social media marketing strategy. You may have the key facets in place to create posts, engage often, and share new content daily, but how much of what you put out into the social media realm is providing value for your business and target audience? Your social media goal should center around your target audience and what they find to be most important and valuable. Knowing your market is essential to understanding what is valuable. Although we can’t dive deep into each individual’s goals and mindset when it comes to what makes them happy and fulfilled, there are key performance indicators that can tell us a lot about how our posts hold up in our respective market.

To understand whether or not your social media posts are providing value for your brand and your target consumer consider these three questions during your next marketing audit.


Improve Your Content Through Comments

Post comments provide valuable insight about the content you create and share with your audience. What you think is thought-provoking and enticing can be anything but if you aren’t getting the feedback you need to stay afloat. People comment on things they find interesting, funny, or valuable. Take some time each month to analyze your posts and comments. Ask yourself what posts received the most comments and what posts fell short of the mark. Adjust your future posts accordingly to get the most engagement from your followers. Also, make sure you’re taking advantage of a call to action in each post.


A strong call to action is essential to receiving positive feedback from your followers. 


What are you asking your followers to do? Don’t be afraid to ask for their direct feedback on your posts, not only will that boost your comment numbers, but you will receive some valuable feedback from brand enthusiasts.


Find Your Audience and Speak to Them

Support from your inner circle is an invaluable asset to your business. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro in your industry, family and friends act like your own personal hype team. Although that support is wonderful and something to be grateful for, you need to extend your social media presence to grow your business in the long run. If most of your post likes (and loves!) are coming from people you know well, it’s time to do some background research into ways to grow your audience and target organic traffic

Here’s our article on 5 ways you can drive more organic traffic!


Focus on the True Meaning of Your Post

How do your posts translate to real-life situations? How often do you feel so compelled by a post that you share it with your own friends on social media? In order to do so, you have to feel something from it, right? The same is true when it comes to your followers sharing what you post.


The best ways to stay relevant in real-life discussions are to:

  • Be informative.
  • Provide useful tips and tricks.
  • Expand the viewer’s skillset.
  • Make viewers feel good about themselves or others.
  • Engage in the same causes and cares as your target audience would. 
  • Be authentic through and through. 


In order to provide timeless value to your target audience, you must know them well, engage with them often, and provide useful information and insight on your specific niche consistently. We understand that social media engagement involves a lot more than sharing content. It requires time, effort, and background research in your industry often. If you need help with providing value to your audience or want some insight on how your accounts stack up against the competition, contact us. We would love to help you hit the ground running and become a social media trailblazer in your niche.