Alyssa is a Marketing Intern for Net Atlantic. She is currently a senior at Bryant University studying to double concentrate in Team & Project Management and Digital Marketing with a minor in Legal Studies.

Cat is a freelance content writer with a creative soul. Her content is an ideal fit for small to medium sized businesses in the health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle industries who are looking to make their mark and grow their brand. She is currently completing her BA in Digital Journalism and Media at Penn State University and plans to obtain her Masters in Communications to best serve her current and future client base, providing thoughtful insight on the latest content trends in their respective niches. Cat is passionate about creating, using and fine-tuning a client’s brand voice to engage their target audience. With Cat’s vast professional background in Customer Experience Management roles, she is an advocate for serving the individualized needs of each client she works with. Aside from her love of writing, Cat is a mom of three energetic children and an Army wife who loves to travel, exercise and read.

Cara Chatellier is a digital marketing & content strategist. She works closely with small businesses and runs one herself. She is the founder of Bubbly Creative.