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Cara Chatellier

Our Founder and Creative Director worked as a consultant under the wildly creative name ‘Cara Chatellier’  for a number of years. Her main focus was on elevating brands and helping them rise to the top by creating cohesive, creative brand and content strategy. Throughout the years, Cara was lucky enough to meet a variety of talented partners specializing in everything from web development and graphic design to content writing.

Cara moved back to the Boston area after spending 3 years in Madrid, Spain and realized she had to start practicing what she preached. It was time to elevate her own brand and bring along those amazing consultants. And so, Bubbly Creative was born.

Bubbly Creative’s clients range in industry and size but their sweet spot lies in small and medium sized service-based businesses. Bubbly has a passion and an expertise in helping brands find their truest voice while creating brand cohesion through their website, social profiles, email marketing, marketing materials, and blogs (and more!).