5 Tips to Drive Organic Traffic

5 Ways To Drive Organic Traffic to Your Business

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Whether you’re in the throes of launching your new business, elbows deep in creating a marketing plan that converts, or a seasoned business owner who is looking for your next leg up in the promotion game, organic traffic is essential to driving your business goals. The most important factor in gaining organic traffic is how you handle your outside promotions sans paid advertising. It may sound difficult, but if you play your cards right and understand your niche market, it’s completely achievable to grow your business footprint.


What is organic promotion, and how can I get organic traffic?


Kind of like organic food, organic promotion is the good stuff without all of the added fluff. In the simplest terms, organic promotion is the way you promote your business and drive traffic to your website and business pages. Organic refers to these actions happening without paid advertising to enhance your metrics. 


Our most tried and true tips can be implemented into your marketing plan now to gain the organic traffic that convert your browsers into brand enthusiasts. 97% of people now learn about a company based on an online search which tells you all you need to know about the importance of creating a strong digital footprint. 


1. Grow Your Social Media Presence


Aside from your main website, your social media presence is key to your business’s bottom line, conversion, and return on investment. In a world that is constantly moving at lightning speed to create a diverse and inclusive digital community, social media reigns supreme. Where you should stand out depends on your niche, ideal client base, and business plan, but we suggest focusing on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. These three social media pillars, together, reach a diversity of clients who want what you have to show them. Create a brand story, utilize a consistent brand voice, and start making your presence known in the social world. 


2. Increase Organic Traffic With Compelling Blog Content


What better way to drive organic traffic to your website than by providing viable content there? Over 75% of internet users actively reach and seek out blog content on a daily basis. That’s a huge deal for your ROI. As part of your marketing plan, you should include a set number of blog posts per month based on a predefined theme for the month or season. In general, a small business should aim to post one blog post a week. Add in a subscribing option so that blog readers can be alerted, via email, every time a new blog hits the digital press. The biggest piece of advice we can provide when it comes to blog creation is to choose topics that are relevant, relatable, spoken in your brand voice, and include a call to action. Although it’s great to have a big audience that reads your posts, you also want them to browse your website and purchase what you’re selling, and blogs can do both. 



3. Share Your Story And Your People


Society, as a whole, wants the inside scoop. When opening up about your business on social, in a blog post, or in a simple email inquiry reply, really open up. Consumers can sense a genuine brand instantly when connecting and learning about a new brand. They can also sense the opposite, pushing them to shy away. Always be genuine and real in your interactions, no matter how big or how small. Stock photos work wonders to help add imagery to your posts but use them in moderation. Use real-life photos of yourself, your team, your location, and your products to give consumers the true behind-the-scenes look into your business. We promise that consumers are more likely to buy from a real set of people than someone hiding behind a computer screen. 


4. Utilize SEO Best Practices


SEO, or search engine optimization, can work wonders when it comes to organic traffic. Simply, it’s a way to optimize your website, social media platforms and online content, based on specific keywords, to appear at (or close to) the top of a search engine like Google or Bing when people search for different things, in both single-word and phrase format. To start, do your backend research to see what keywords are most searched and most relevant to your respective industry. Expert tip: most people performing internet searches do not go past the first page of results, so, know your keywords and aim to appear at the top of the results list.


5. Trust In The Power Of Your Current Customer


How wonderful it is to get that raving 5-star, ‘’I love everything about you,” review? How inspiring is it to build a base on recurring clients who become brand enthusiasts? There may be nothing more special than other people loving what you have to offer the world as much as you do. Cue the happy dance, but also, use your clients to tell others about you and your brand. Oftentimes the best way to secure growth in your company is word of mouth. Your current clients can speak volumes about your brand for you. Share the reviews, include testimonials on your website, and highlight brand enthusiasts on social media to grow your brand. Trust is one of the biggest obstacles between a new brand and a new client, but current clients can bridge that gap. 


Organic traffic can feel so out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be. Implement our key tips to help you build on your current marketing plan and grow your footprint digitally. If you need assistance with gauging your current level of organic traffic and understanding the ROI on building a solid social footprint, reach out. We want to help you become your most successful in both the real and digital world.