5 Effective Marketing Tactics for a Limited Budget

5 Effective Marketing Tactics for a Limited Budget

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Every business dreams of a Barbie movie-level budget for their marketing strategy, but unfortunately that’s not the reality – small businesses have a much tighter budget. Don’t fret! It’s still possible and more than realistic to pull off successful marketing without millions of dollars. Here we’re sharing five effective marketing tactics for a limited budget. 

1. Google Business

Create a FREE Google Business Profile. By doing so, people who find your business on maps and in their searches can get all the information they may need in one place. Having ownership of your business profile allows you to manage any information listed including photos, offers, and posts, view analytics, and engage with any reviews and questions. Encourage current customers to leave you a review! Positive reviews will help build your reputation and steer potential customers your way. 

Pro tip: Repurpose these reviews into customer testimonial content on your website and social media accounts!

2. Behind the Scenes Content

Be sure to include behind-the-scenes (BTS) content in your social media strategy. This could be any photos or videos with a personal touch, from showing off your office space to featuring different members of your team. Allow your customers to get to know you and get an inside look at what is happening in your business. People are more likely to engage with your content and become a customer when they find a personal connection and feel like they know who they are supporting. 

3. Networking

Get out and talk about your business to locals! Networking is essential to spreading the word about your small business. Attend community events and meet other people and business owners in your community. Again, if they have a personal connection to you they are more likely to become a customer or even just support you by sharing your content or referring a friend!

Also, consider virtual networking. Join industry groups and attend online events. These can be local or reach an even wider audience for little to no cost! You can find these in many places, including Eventbrite.

4. Pitch to Local Media Outlets

Pitch your small business to local newspapers and magazines relevant to your goals and your audience. Once you find outlets and journalists, make sure you are sending a well-written press release – the less work for them, the better. Tell them why their audience will love what your business is doing. Additionally, see if any publication will allow you to write guest posts. Readers will recognize your expertise and are more likely to come to you for advice and any products or services down the road. Getting coverage may take some work, but is something to consider with a limited budget.

5. Create an Offer

Create an offer that will draw customers, new and old, to your business. Encourage current customers to bring a friend for a free “something” in return. It could be a class or a small product – any product or service you can offer! After experiencing your product or service, the friend may become a returning customer. Another option is offering a discount of x% off. You can have customers sign up for an email list or complete a small action to get the discount. 

Examples of offers include:

  • Get 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter!
  • Get $5 off for every friend you refer, and they’ll get $5 off too!
  • Bring a friend and your coffee is on us 🙂

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